Kaspar Allenbach

Kaspar Allenbach

Visual Communication

Aare Guru Bath Towel Detail

The official Aare Guru bath towel

We have designed a bath towel for the summer together with the linen weaving mill Bern. This makes chilling out in the bath or on the Aare river even more stylish.

The design is not printed on the towel. Instead, the thread has been dyed and where the Aare vortexes are, you can see the blue thread. A relief is formed and the Aare vortexes are not only visible but also noticeable on the skin.

Designed and produced in Bern

The Aare is closely linked to Bern. Just as swimming in the Aare is an urban tradition, so too is the linen weaving mill in Bern an institution. Textile products of the highest quality have been produced there for around 100 years and are in demand in Switzerland and abroad.

The Guru sayings come with it

As a little gimmick you also get two sticker sheets each with Aare Guru sayings. (Printed in Neuchâtel)


The Towel is also available in the store in case you don't have a credit card:

Buchhandlung Sinwel

Lorrainestr. 10
3013 Bern