Kaspar Allenbach

Kaspar Allenbach

Visual Communication

Aare guru support badge 1

The Aare Guru does not only live on water alone

If you support the Aareguru, you will get a patch for your swim dress, swimming trunks or a bath towel.

Help us to keep the Aareguru Ad free

The Aare Guru has always been free of advertising. We want to keep it that way and we don't want to put up banners, for example.

Instead, we would like to finance our server costs with a supporter patch for a bathing suit or swimming trunks, so that we can continue to knock Aare slogans.

Locally produced

The badges were produced in an embroidery workshop in the old town of Lucerne. So we were able to give an order to the local trade during the Corona crisis.

With the purchase of a patch you help to pay the costs for our server and contribute to the fact that the Aare Guru will still exist for a long time.

Guru Wisdom in Sticker form

As a little gimmick you also get two sticker sheets each with Aare Guru sayings. (Printed in Neuchâtel)


The patch has the same size as the swim badges at the children's swim courses and fits in a row.

The patch can be applied to a textile with an iron. With synthetic fabrics, it is recommended to place a normal fabric between the iron and the patch, otherwise the fabric will stick together.

Optionally you can sew the patch on with needle and thread.