Kaspar Allenbach

Kaspar Allenbach

Visual Communication

Aareguru muetze noemi

The cap for hard & not so hard Aare swimmers and all with cold ears in winter

What the bathing suit is in summer is in winter the protection against cold. We make our contribution by means of the megasuper frivolous and ultra-practical Aareguru Gfrörli cap.

During the last weeks of autumn loving hands have sewn the Aare Guru badge individually on each cap.

In the following practical test it proved its worth: whether jogging, under a bicycle helmet or walking along the Aare, the Aare Guru Chappe keeps you pleasantly warm!

And of course, the Guru Chappe is also a must for your Aareschwumm in the ice-cold Aare, if you dare to go into the water.