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Call it a Day
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Call it a day
Call it a day

Dolce Vita north of the Alps. The poster for stressed and stress-free people.

It's time to recall the simple and beautiful oases of peace and quiet: Reading books in the park, meeting friends or sunbathing on the windowsill.

This poster is for all those who sometimes can't completely escape the stress of everyday life.

A poster against stress

This anti-stress poster should serve as a small reminder to practice some self-care every now and then. Without mobile phone, e-mail and social media. Tomorrow is another day.

A poster for the restless

"No time, no time", but we ourselves have control over how much time we want to give ourselves to recharge our batteries.

A poster to slow down

The poster is suitable as a gift for living rooms and entrance areas or for offices with too many meetings.

A poster against burn-out

Don't let it get to that point. It's better to start a little later and finish a little earlier.


If purchased online, the poster will be delivered without frame in a stable cardboard roll.

Poster Format F4, A1, A2

  • Also available in Chat Noir.
  • I recommend using the F4 format for the best effect. In the Chat Noir the F4 poster can also be purchased directly mounted.
  • In the Chat Noir the format A1 & A2 is also available with frame.