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Kaspar Allenbach

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Mockup brennnessel 9 shop

Preferably, where it is rough and barren. A print for the home office, the apartment or as a gift

Plant illustration

Even on hard ground, you can grow. The nettle is a new illustration created after I walked over a month over hill and dale. The poster is also guaranteed never need to be watered, but still unfolds its effect as a medicinal herb.

The medicinal herb

The Nettle is the protective plant against physical and mental stress. The medicinal plant strengthens the resistance and self-healing.

Plant Online

The plant drawing is available as A2 and will be sent to you rolled. Have you moved into a new apartment and still need something for the
future home, then I will gladly send you a poster that you will not find in the IKEA picture department guaranteed. As a postcard (and also as a poster) the nettle is available at Chat Noir, or at the Handwerkermärit Bern, where I have a small but nice postcard stand.

A plant for the new apartment that never needs watering.

This plant poster can also be given to friends and relatives who are dying every houseplant.